5e Advanced is a modification of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. It is a set of new classes, spells, and rules meant to replace the base game, although that isn't strictly required--it is fully compatible with 5e, and DMs are free to mix-and-match as they see fit.

Features at a Glance

  • The core classes have all been redesigned to allow much more flexibility with character build, but allowing the PC to decide how simple or complex they want their build to be
  • Multiclassing is allowed and intended; no need for clunky hybrid classes when multiclassing does its job right
  • Action-oriented initiative system increases player engagement and completely transforms combat (without upsetting the balance)
  • In addition to learning new spells, spellcasting classes can upgrade existing ones, or learn "bindings" which grant always-on abilities
  • Fighting classes work similarly to spellcasters, with abilities they can learn and upgrade
  • Lots of new spells
  • A magic item system that doesn't suck (TBD)

Basics of the System

Technically, the basics of the system are identical to those of 5th Edition D&D. However, you may optionally use additional House Rules which work better with the classes and options herein. Also, adoption of these classes creates Implied Changes, which aren't really changes to the system, but merely the obsolescence of rules that were tied to the original classes.


  • Remove md
  • Add md support to aurora
  • Add support for deep articles (unique name required) to aurora
  • Aurora from GH, not dropbox sync www
  • Finish system
  • Archive 5.3 and 5e ?