5e Advanced is a modification of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. It is a near-total conversion of the SRD, meant to simplify gameplay, allow greater player creativity, and increase engagement.

New in Version 5.2

The current version of 5e Advanced is 5.2. The changes are as follows:

Basic Attributes Changed

Basic attributes, such as number of skills known and proficiency bonus, have changed. All PCs now have the same values at any given level. See Basics for details.

New Attributes

There are new attributes for all PCs, including Action Points (which let you act out of initiative order), Focus (re-roll failed checks/saves), and Mana (a new way for spellcasters to power spells). See Basics for details.


The way PCs gain access to skills has changed; all PCs now gain 2 skills at level 1, and additional skills (or alternative class abilities) as they gain more levels. See Skills for details.

Core Mechanics

Certain core mechanics (attack rolls, spellcasting rolls, save DCs) have migrated to the Skill system for simplicity of play. See Skills for details.


All PCs now gain Feats as they level. See Feats for details.


Baseline equipment rules have changed. Armor and Shields are slightly more useful, and simpler. Weapons have been simplified.

Magic Items

There are now rules for creating and purchasing magic items and enchantments. See Armor, Shields, Weapons, and other pages (more on the way...)